Consulting That Guides Successful United Ways

Just as a lighthouse is a navigational aid for ships, Perspectives is a lighthouse for United Ways. We are passionately dedicated to serving as a guide to help United Ways like yours chart a course, avoid obstacles, make mid-course corrections, run smoothly, and reach your destination.

Who do you call when you are in uncharted waters? Through our consulting & assessments, we’ll share our examples, stories, and strategies we have used to guide other United Ways on similar voyages, so you will have a smooth and successful voyage. You can also explore our examples,  stories, and strategies by getting on-board with our workshops, blog, or webinars.

Is your United Way headed to one destination or several destinations at once? We know it can be difficult to pick one destination when you have multiple options. Our crew will help your United Way select and navigate to your destination with our Strategic Planning Process.

Did you ever think there has got to be more to impact than grouping your funded programs into categories like education, income, and health? If you are ready to take your impact to a new destination, we will guide your United Way to adopt an issue focus with our Direction-Setting Process.

Do you have a map with a clear route to your United Way’s destination? It is easier to select your destination and route when you have a map showing all the waypoints and hazards. The information you need for a good map comes from our comprehensive donor and community survey research.

Every day, our sole focus is maximizing impact for every United Way. Let Perspectives be your lighthouse and guide you toward achieving greater impact. Our crew is ready to help move your United Way forward.