We help United Ways maximize their impact.

We are passionately dedicated to helping United Ways like yours enhance your efforts, move your community impact forward, and strengthen relationships with donors – nothing else is more important or more critical to your success.

Did you ever think there has got to be more to community impact than grouping your funded programs into the categories of education, income, and health? If you are ready to take your community impact to the next level, then our Direction-Setting process is right for you. We will guide your United Way in adopting an issue focus that results in meaningful and measurable impact for your community.              

Do you worry about where tomorrow’s donors are coming from, and where yesterday’s donors went? So do we, especially because tomorrow’s donors don’t want what yesterday’s donors wanted. Now is the time to use donor-centric strategies that will attract new donors, grow existing donors, and retain your donors.

We will guide you, coach you, and partner with you to enhance your efforts and move your community impact and donor relationships forward. Together, we will make decisions and plans based on the understanding that comes from our comprehensive market research. Together, we will explore the possibilities for the future of your United Way from our informative training. Together, through our Strategic Planning Process we will define a vision for the future of your United Way with strategies to make your vision a reality.

Every day, we are working with United Ways like yours to maximize their impact. We are here to help you.

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