Consulting That Guides Successful United Ways

We love United Ways – we always have, and we always will.

But, we do not believe United Ways exist to:
•  Fundraise for local nonprofit organizations
•  Pass-through donors’ designations
•  Group partner agencies into categories, like education, income, and health

We believe United Ways exist to:
•  Impact local issues and needs
•  Identify and fund programs and strategies that create meaningful change
•  Convene and lead donors, volunteers, and organizations to make a difference in the community

We exist to:
•  Help United Ways that want to impact their community
•  Provide consulting for United Ways to successfully transition to a mission of impact
•  Guide United Ways in focusing their impact, diversifying their resources, and sharpening their message

If you believe, as we believe, that your United Way exists to impact your community, we will help you succeed.

Just as a lighthouse is a navigational aid for ships, Perspectives is a lighthouse for United Ways. We are passionately dedicated to serving as a guide to help United Ways like yours chart a course, avoid obstacles, make mid-course corrections, run smoothly, and reach your destination.

Let Perspectives be your lighthouse and guide you toward achieving greater impact. Our crew is ready to help move your United Way forward.

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